Run Lola Run Cafe

“Run Lola Run” movie poster image from

Run Lola Run” was the movie I chose for my film and architecture project in my second year in undergrad after completing the house project. For this project I learned about different techniques used in filming and editing films, which would be translated into architectural design. “Run Lola Run” had many different techniques such as jump cut, film and animation cross over, and split screen just to mention a few.


Jump cuts, series of scenes showing Lola run, the clocks ticking, the roulette table at the casino, and the spiral stairs Lola has to take as she initiates her 20 minute performance three times were particularly interesting to me. My initial sketches depict Lola running through a bridge and mostly round and spiral circulation.

202_2 film cafe_stage yereempark

202_2 film cafe perspective sketch yereempark


The rough sketch on the right shows the entrance to the cafe. The intention was to mimic the long bridge while puncturing in a mass with an opening. At the time I thought it could be a way of translating the jump cut technique as a mass sticks out from the wall, creating a surprise. Looking back I think it would have been better if I had a series of vertical deep openings to show glimpses of what is going on inside the cafe.

Below are some furniture I sketched. Folding idea from the artist studio continues here. A long plane is folded to create seating and table.

202_2 film cafe furniture yereempark


Here are a couple of images of the study model.

202_2 film cafe study model_yereempark


And here is the image of the final model and some close up pictures. It’s possible I was obsessed with having three floors because the movie gives the heroine three chances. The long ramps attempt to represent the long running scenes.

202_2 film cafe final model_yereempark

202_2 film cafe model_yereempark_.png


202_2 film cafe model 2_yereempark


It’s nice to look back at earlier works. Having worked and taught in the past helps a lot to look at your past projects objectively and critique it. In this project I wish I had looked at details a bit more even if it was not required to do so at that stage of education at the school. Additionally, instead of using plain chipboard and metal sheets for making the model, applying some relevant graphics for wall and/or floor would have accentuated the spirit of the movie the project was inspired by.




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