A House for Three Generations

202_1 house-site yereempark

For our 2nd year fall semester first project, we were asked to design a house. Designing a house can seem like a very simple task, but depending on constraints and client’s situation it can become quite complex. This project was sitting in a historic district in Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea. The area is famous for western and Japanese style buildings built when Japan invaded Korea in the first half of 1900s. Given site in particular, 10.5 meter by 26 meter, was in between two western style buildings. (Site map on the right; site photos below)


202_1 house-sitephoto yereempark


The site was sloped with 3 meter difference in height from south to north, north being the high point. Added to that was a tree which was in the middle of the site which we were to keep it as is. Program wise, the house was to accommodate three generations: grandparents, parents, and a child.


My early sketches show working the masses around the tree, trying to bring in more daylight into the house.

202_1 house sketch yereempark


Here are some preliminary sketch plan and section. The grandparents, parents, and the child each have their own section in the house. Underground parking allows the mass to keep relatively low while floating above it.

202_1 house sketch drawing yereempark


This sketch shows general massing composition.

202_1 house_t_yereempark


This is the final model placed in the site model.

202_1 house_yereempark_sq


As shown in the picture of the model above and in below drawings the tree forms the center of the courtyard. Around it are open living space with dining and kitchen area with library on its opposite side. They have large windows and partial skylights to let more daylight in. Grandparents’ quarter has a large window which looks out to the pond and a translucent skylight over their dressing room and bathroom. Space is laid out to provide each group of inhabitants privacy, yet enough common area to get together.


202_1 house drawings_yereempark


Here are some more pictures of the model. The image on the left shows the north facade. It attempts to blend in with the buildings next to it by mimicking their proportion, yet keeps itself minimal. Middle image shows the grandparents’ room with the pond outside. Image on the right looks into the child’s room.

202_1 house model yereempark


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