Deconstructivist Artist Studio

In this 2nd year (sophomore) studio, students were asked to pick an artist and one of the artist’s works; conceptualize the artist’s style in a spatial way; then design a studio for the chosen artist. In my sense it was a way to teach students to learn to be inspired by something, conceptualize it, abstract it, and turn it into a space. I chose Salvador Dali’s “The Great Paranoiac,” the image below.


I was mainly interested in the part to whole idea in the painting; each person posing differently, yet creating one whole face of another person, and repeating. Looking back, my final model was far more closer to interpretation of the painting. At the time though, my first abstract model depicts chunks, fragments, and repeated colors.

201_2 artist studio_1st_yereempark

Here are some sketches from the project.

201_2 artist studio_sketch_yereempark

This was my first study model of Salvador Dali’s studio, aka Deconstructivist Artist Studio.

201_2 artist studio_studymodel_yereempark


Each strips of space comes together to form the entire studio space. The strips fold to create furniture or are diagonal so the artist can lean on it. Openings are almost accidentally created while the strips are put together, letting daylight into the space.


Here is the final model.

201_2 artist studio_yereempark_

And a view inside the final model.

201_2 artist studio_interior_yereempark


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