“Connected” was the first core studio project from UCLA M.Arch 1 program. Based on “Field Conditions” by Stan Allen , it looks at modules, how the modules can be connected to each other and spread like a field thus creating a part to whole condition.

My modules had connections at two ends, and the ends were connected by a linear component which would vary in length. A module could slide through another module via its slot as shown in upper middle image below. The next picture on its right shows how four of these modules can create flexible condition. A third module connecting such sets would create a three dimensional space. It was interesting to see that as more modules connected to each other, the space created in between them became stiffer.


yereempark_field condition 2


Following image shows the diagram of how modules connect to each other (upper left), the final model (lower left), and a depiction of positive and negative space created from the model.


yereempark_field condition 1




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