Ad Agency

The first studio project of third-year in undergrad was designing a building for an advertisement agency. We were given an imaginary site. Students were encouraged to create a story around the site with the assumption that it was located in an urban area. The only requirement from my studio professor Kwang Ho Kim was to carve out a void.

Since the building was facing a few apartment buildings and a park from the back, I wanted to make the lower levels more accessible to the public and open up the back facade for the view toward the park. There would be one main void in the center of the building which would bring in natural light into the building via skylight.


301_ad agency_sketch_yereempark


Basement level with a sunken space connects to the park in the back and has space for a couple of shops and a restaurant. First floor has lobby/advertising gallery space with a cafe. Ad agency’s featured works would be hung or projected in the void space. From second to third floor, the office space is separated by smaller skylight void and differentiating floor levels. The intention was to break up the flat floor and create cozier spaces for the people working there. Fourth floor houses meeting rooms and a roof garden.


301_ad agency_plans__yereempark

301_ad agency_plans_yereempark

301_ad agency_elevation_section_yereempark


Here are some pictures of the model. The two smaller pictures on the left shows the main void and the entrance lobby.


301_ad agency_model__yereempark


Image on the left shows the main void from the top; middle and right ones show the office area and sunken space in the back of the building.


301_ad agency_model closeup_yereempark


301_ad agency_model_yereempark



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