Box Bridge

In my second year in Inha University, we were asked to design a viewing bridge in Wolmido, Incheon, South Korea. On my first site visit, I watched children in stroller or running around with their moms  at Wolmimunwha-ro on Wolmido’s west coastline. I’m sure a lot has changed since 2001, but back then all  there was to do was watch the sea, eat sea food, or go to an amusement park.

One can add on so much narrative on a simple viewing bridge even if there is nothing to do aside from getting on it, looking at the view, and then going back. For this project, I wanted it to be activated with multiple functions. This bridge would not be just some platform to be stood on, but a volume with enough depth and space for kids to play around in. It had to be like a jungle gym, but with platforms to stand on, railings to lean on, and walls to create viewing frames. The form came out to be a cantilevered truss with elements placed in and around it for children to explore and grown-ups to step on as if they were on stepping stones.

Following are my sketches, drawings, and the final model I made.

yereempark 201_wolmido bridge dwg 800


yereempark 201_wolmido bridge 800



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