Alice’s Window

At the end of every spring semester we had a two day workshop. Usually Professor Young Min Koo would invite a tutor from overseas to spend a couple of days with us, introduce a topic to experiment with over the workshop period in groups of eight people or so. In 2001, Professor Mehrdad Hadighi, who was teaching at New York State University of Buffalo, was invited as the tutor for the workshop. Simulation was the topic and whichever site we chose was to have a limit of 1 meter by 1 meter. 


alices window_sketch_yereempark


My team got an idea from a window of one of our classrooms while sitting out on the rooftop of the school discussing what to “simulate.” That classroom had three walls to the outside with one wall connecting to the 5th floor lobby. Two walls had windows and were parallel to each other while the third wall was opaque. The walls with windows were designed symmetrically. By using one window, we were able to simulate another room next to the existing classroom.


alices window_diagram_yereempark


Simply we created another window frame and hung it over the existing window. Personalized simulation experience was provided by matching each of our eye levels standing about 5 meters from the window. Someone can adjust the string to level the frame to match your eye level. This allowed each of us to “imagine” that there is another room beyond the existing class room. It was a clever way to use much less area for the site while extending the space much further.


alices window_pic_yereempark




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